About Us

Feltico Utama Abadi was founded in 1996 as a hardwood producer supplying the international market. All of our products are inspected individually to ensure they meet the highest international quality standards, so that they can be exported worldwide.
Our products have gone through the process of dry kilns (ovens) so that the water content will be in accordance with the conditions of each country where we export it. By using a UV coating system, the finishing quality of our products is even more durable and scratch resistant.

FUA Concept is one of the subsidiaries under PT. Feltico Utama Abadi, which serves the domestic market. Our installed products can be found in many office buildings, showrooms, gymnasiums, restaurants, retail stores, apartments and homes throughout Indonesia.

Then Parke Parquet was born, as a pioneer of technology in Indonesian wood flooring known as Full Solid Engineered, which produces the safest and most stable wood flooring.

With a variety of hardword floor options you can choose a design that combines international trends with your personal lifestyle.

Hardwood Flooring Benefits:

  • Durability & Longevity
  • Classic Beauty
  • Hypoallergenic flooring option
  • Excellent insulation
  • Easy to clean
  • Add value to your home

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Knowing Our Product (Solid Wood / Hardwood Flooring)

Hardwood Flooring Benefits :
Durability And Longevity – A lot of older homes Close to a hundred years old still have their orginal hardwood flooring installed, a testament to how well hardwood flooring stands the test of time
Classic Beauty – One of the most popular reasons why hardwood flooring is such a abig hit among home owners and builders is the way it makes a room look like once it is installed. Hardwood flooring imparts a timeless quality to any room.
A Hypoallergenic Flooring Option – Ideal for people who have allergies, it doesn’t harbor dust or other allergens. Rest assured that you will be able to breathe easier.
Add Value To Your Home – One very attractive trait of hardwood flooring that endears it to home owners and builders is the fact that homes with hardwood floors have greater value than those that do not. Granted that you want to stay in your home for a long time, but should you resell your home, you’ll find that with hardwood floor installed, you will be getting a better resale price for your home.

Overall, hardwood flooring are “a sound of investment”  as well as “pride value” (it’s like buying an original branded bags rather than the fake ones, eg: Laminate floor) and add envious glamour to your home.
A Fact To Be Understand Since Hardwood Floors Are Natural, due to increases or decreases in wood moisture content, air temperature in your home, as well as move due to settling of the building, can result in the production of ‘bit squeak’ bit un even pattern because wood naturally expands or/and shrinkages.

So it’s important to understand that wood is a NATURAL MATERIAL, no two timber planks will be the same due to its origanic nature, thus we can’t expect the result as neat or perfect as manufactured product anorther advantage of wood flooring is when scartched, real wood floors can besanded down and re-varnished as many times as needed.

Tips on how to maintain hardwood flooring :

  • Sweep wood floors often with a soft, fine bristle broom
  • Vacuum one or twice a week to remove dirt (use a soft brush attachment to minimize scractching) or mop (with no dripping water)
  • Wipe up spills immcdiateley with a slightly dampened towel
  • Do not use tile floor care products on wood floors
  • Alternatively, use hardwood floor care products, which are sold in any hardwood store

“Wood floor look rich, clean and are actually healthier” says Rusty Swindoll, ATT Director st the National Wood Flooring Association